Residential CCTV Installation

CCTV System Components and Installation

Let the pros at Locksmith Whitby take your home security to the next level with a custom designed Closed Circuit Video Monitoring system.

Our techs will conduct a proper assessment of your home exterior and interior layout, and ensure proper coverage of your entire premises.

You can choose between hardwired or wireless CCTV systems that protect your property with a visual deterrent that lets prospecting intruders know that your home is not a preferred target.

This next-layer home security has become more affordable than ever with technological advances. Wether you choose a hardwired system or a completely wireless system, off site — remote monitoring is as easy as having an internet connection. You can monitor your property from the device of your choice – Tablet, smartphone or compute while you are at work, on your daily commute or out for an evening.

Our Techs ensure that you are getting:

-The highest quality components to suit your budget.

-The right lens for the most prevalent light conditions on a per camera basis

– Proper Digital Video Recorder with proper resolution

– Camera placement that only monitors your property

Locksmith Whitby warranties both system components and labour.

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