Home Security Sysems

Residential Security Systems – Next Layer Protection

When it comes to residential security, quality locks and professional installation are your first line of defence. Many home owners take their home security to the next level with a Home alarm system. At locksmith Whitby protecting your home is our priority.

We can custom design and install a system to fit not only your home but your budget as well. Don’t be fooled by generic home security systems from monitoring companies that offer free installation, our team delivers solutions based on your homes individual lay-out. With proper consultation we deliver a custom built security solution that protects your home and your family while home and away.

We offer both hard wired and wireless systems with properly placed sensors that monitor all entrances and exit points. We also have a variety of window sensors, along with smart security recessed door sensors for your home and garage.

Motion detector placement is key. These protect your home when you are away and are another feature that protect in an event where a would be intruder gets passed the systems door and window sensors. Redundancy is a key part of proper installation. If you have pets we also offer sensors that are only activated when motion is detected by an object that exceeds a weight limit pre-set. Allowing your pets to roam about the home freely while you are on vacation or at work.

We also offer a surveillance systems that do more than provide alerts for intrusion based emergencies. Fire and Carbon monoxide monitoring can be included in your custom designed home security system as well.

Part of every installation includes consultation when choosing a monitoring company.

You can rest assured that Locksmith Whitby offers equipment help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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