Emergency Door Repairs

Emergency Door Repairs for Your Home or Business

Locksmith Whitby is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any urgent door repairs for your home of business. Our expert technicians will repair or replace any:

  •  Wood
  •  Aluminium
  •  Steel,
  • UPVC
  • Glass
  • Locks, latches, and hardware
  • Shattered glass doors
  • Storefront doors

Damaged Doors – We will make every effort to repair the existing door. If repairs are not possible we will recommend a replacement often exceeding the security standard and quality of the previously existing door.

We also repair any door frame or existing structural damage ensuring a maximum security standard.

We repair damage caused by forced entry or break-ins and offer enhanced preventative  security and hardware solutions. This includes locking mechanisms, hinges and high quality strike plate which is generally the focal point of door failure in a forced entry situation.

Weather also plays a key role in reducing a doors ability to function over time. Harsh Canadian winters are a major contributor to door component failure. Our Emergency Repair Team are available any time of day or night, regardless of the climate. If your door fails at the worst time, we will be there.

Environmental Damage –  Water damage/flooding and Ice storms can wreak havoc on your exterior doors and door frames. 

Call us any time you need emergency door repairs!

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